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The shortest distance between two points in the universe is a structural link™
Prana Technology for
self improvement   Self-Improvement, Balance, Intellectual Skills
     fitness and weight loss   Fitness, Sports, Weight Loss, Body Building
          control of destiny   Trend Management, Control of Destiny
               popularity and mind control   Mind Control, Popularity and Charisma
Prana Generators® are Powerful Tools for you to achieve ...
general success  Assured Success Faster and Easier
orgonite results  Results that are More Effective than ever before
positive permanent solutions  Positive Permanent Solutions
               orgonite devices  ... at the Flip of a Switch!

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What you can do with
Prana Generators®

Prana Generators® are
Powerful Tools for you
to achieve ...

Assured Success Faster and Easier
Results that are More Effective and Far Reaching than ever before
... at the Flip of a Switch!

They are the Ideal Equipment for
        Fitness, Sports, Body Building
             Trend Management,
                  Mind Control, and
                       Positive Permanent Solutions,
                           And much more !!!

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Prana Technology and Accessories


The Prana Generator® is exciting new technology that you can use to have an assured technological edge in your personal matters, business dealings, prosperity, sports performance, relationships, and sex!  In situations, where you feel that you are just falling short of everything, the Prana Generator® can give you now the assistance that you need to have your dreams come true.  Here you can get acquainted with the devices and kits that can provide you with ultimate advancements in life energy technology and methods of manifestation, and you will find out how you can use them to achieve the results that will decisively enhance your life.

How to Choose the Equipment thatís Right for You

After you look at all the options in the catalog, we suggest that you consider a few key questions before purchasing equipment.

Where budget is an issue, to strike a balance between price and desired sophistication of your equipment is certainly the right thing to do.

The more basic units and combinations of units provide you with excellent value.  They don’t always provide the sophistication and special applications, which some persons need.  These modestly priced units can provide you with great solutions for years.  All of them you can integrate into increasingly sophisticated and stronger work stations.

Middle of the line units provide you with a wider variety, with more power, and with upgraded features.  For mainly personal use, we recommend a middle of the line unit such as the LPOG 2400 DL.  Basic and middle of the line units and kits are a great choice for persons who use this extraordinary equipment in the main for self-improvement and for management of their own life.

For added impact upon others or to exercise some form of mind management (or mind control) upon them, and for work with superior effectiveness, you naturally will choose a unit that’s top of the line.  In fact, the top of the line units (such as the RAD 2400 HD, ATG 5 and ATG 12) boast effectiveness, excellent variety, greatly increased power, and depth of experience.

For top performance in sports, fitness and bodybuilding, the Performer 2400 is the ideal device. If you are a coach and you are serious about the success of your team, call us for a demo!

In this catalog, you find information about:

1. The Prana Generators® (generators of life energy)
are ideal devices to energize yourself and to add power to all actions at a distance, such as in combination with a manifestation program or with an older-type radionics device (any device without built-in Prana Generator®).  All manifestation devices from HSCTI have built-in generators of life energy (Prana Generators®)
Chi Generators®: The JU 99 CE = Junior 99 Chi Energizer™, the LPOG 2400 DL = Low Pulse Orgone Generator® deLuxe, the LPOG 2400 HD = Heavy Duty Orgone Generator®, the PFC 2400 and the Performer 2400 = Heavy Duty Specialty Device for Sports, Fitness and Bodybuilding.

2. The Manifestation Devices
The purpose of a Manifestation Device is to establish structural links. The purpose of a Prana Generator® is the generating of life force (Chi energy, prana or orgone).  Naturally, all manifestation devices from HSCTI have a built-in Prana Generator® to secure for you the power that is necessary for effective action at a distance!  The ATG 12 and the RAD 5 are donut-shaped Prana Generators®. Their output pipes point to the center. Their frequency settings are number-and-frequency defined structural links.
Other Manifestation Devices: The RAD 1000 and the RAD 2000, which are 3-Dial Basic Manifestation Devices and the RAD 2400 HD - Heavy Duty Manifestation Device.
Note:  We decided for the word "manifestation" rather than the more traditional "radionics," because "radionics" was developed for health purposes originally without any emphasis on other forms of manifestation.  Since we are not subscribing to the health claims of this type structural connections (see the disclaimer), the word "manifestation device" appeared much more appropriate

3. The Power Manifestation Programs
As is the case with the Manifestation Device, the purpose of the Manifestation Program is to establish structural links. The purpose of a Prana Generator® is the generating of life energy, or prana.  You can connect the manifestation program structurally with a Prana Generator®, and this adds the power of prana to your operations that are geared towards manifestation of your desires and the setting of trends for success.
Manifestation Programs: The Basic Manifestation Program™ and the Manifestation Ultimate Pro™ Program.

4. Accessories to the Prana Generators® and Manifestation Devices
The Power Boosters, the Transfer Couples and the frequency CD's

For much more information you can Video-Call us Online and enter our online store and show-room, where you can see and experience the Prana Generators® (Chi Generators®) of your choice and, furthermore, we can show you methods to help you achieve manifestation of your deepest desires and positive permanent change !!!

The following applications of this extraordinary new technology are based on personal experiences of many proud owners of Prana Generators®, manifestation devices and manifestation programs. Click on the links of your choice for more information.  Naturally, there are infinite many more uses, many of which you certainly will find and explore.

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